A prayer of peace

Let us pray.  God of peace, we pray that your peace would sweep over Dan and all who need your peace.  So often, so many, like Dan, find it easier to wage war on supposed enemies of you, Holy God.  They think they are doing the right thing.  Yet, they have lost sight of the humanity of those being attacked.  When we turn right belief into the most important thing, then we lose sight of the humanity of people around us, the relationships that are being broken.  We pray this prayer of peace for Dan, but also for us.  Guide us in our interaction with those who do not desire peace.  Make us instruments of your peace that they may know peace.  Amen.


A prayer for Dan and all who attack

Let us pray.  Wondrous God, we lift up Dan and all who feel the need to attack a fellow Christian denomination.  We understand that he and others like him are doing this because they feel they must save everyone from damnation.  Except they forget that it is not them, but you that save people.  We are incapable of saving people.  You call us to love our enemies, yet when we look around, all we see is hatred – hatred from Dan and other and hatred of Dan and others.  Make this insanity stop.  If we really embrace what you teach us, then we would see how crazy this is.  Lead us to be the first to change the tone, to change the conversation, to change interaction.  And if that can’t be done, then Lord help us – just separate us from each other until there are others mature enough to co-exist in the same space without hatred.  Amen.

Today’s prayer for Dan

Let us pray.  Today we lift up Dan.  We pray that you would soften his heart and radically reorient him back to yourself, oh Holy God.  In his effort to bring everyone into right belief, he doesn’t realize that he pushes people further away.  In response, so many fight with him and push him further away.  There is a better way Lord – touch the lips and fingers of all who would interact with Dan.  Show him your love, grace, and mercy, so that he may know these aspects of you first hand.  And in so doing, may they touch his very soul and make him an instrument of your peace.  Amen.

A prayer for Dan

Let us pray. Merciful God, we pray for Dan Skogen. We ask that you touch and heal his heart from whatever wounds he has suffered and have caused him to lash out against some of your church.  We pray for those who have been hurt by Dan, comfort them in their sorrow.  We thank you for the grace, mercy, and forgiveness that you give us Lord.  Let us be instruments of these heavenly things in our relations with Dan.  Make us instruments of your peace as well – we know that peace is a choice and a way of life.  Give us the courage to live peaceably and to show love, even when it is most difficult to do.  And in so doing, let your light shine forth in our lives to be an example of a different way of living life – a life that thrives with you as the center.  Amen